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201 He was a farmer and a house painter. [Helen Mayer] Fink, Jacob Buch (I39)
202 He was my grandfather. William Bones Quay was the son of Madison Quay. Hedied relatively young from a lung disease caused by working in a foundryin Phoenixville, PA. He lived his early life on the Quay farmstead inWest Pikeland (Chester County). He married Anne Phillips (sister ofRobert Phillips). The Phillips were from Diamond Rock Mountain near here;Annie Phillips smoked a pipe.

from Dave Quay
Quay, William Bones (I2078)
203 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I127)
204 Headline: Gary S. Poor, 54
Publication Date: March 30, 1991
Source: Telegram & Gazette Worcester, MA
Page: 4
Subjects: OBITS
Region: Massachusetts
Obituary: STERLING - Gary S. Poor, 54, of 12D Riverview St. died Tuesdayin University of Massachusetts Hospital, Worcester, of pneumonia.
He leaves a son, Christopher S. Poor of Decatur, Ga.; a daughter,Katherine Welcomer of Birmingham, Ala.; and his mother, Winifred (Sutton)Poor of Winthrop, Maine.
Mr. Poor was born in Augusta, Maine, son of Charles Poor, and lived heremany years. He graduated from Cony High School, Augusta, in 1954 andColby College, Waterville, Maine, in 1958. He was a courier for threeyears with the Air Force in Europe. He was released as a captain. Mr.Poor was director of admissions at Fisher Junior College in Boston sincelast year. He was previously director of admissions at Clark University,Worcester, from 1967 until last year.
Funeral services will be at 11 a.m. today in St. Mark's Episcopal Church,9 Summer St., Augusta. The Rev. Robert Hargreaves will officiate. Burialwill be in Forest Grove Cemetery, Augusta. There are no calling hours.Knowlton & Hewins Funeral Home, 1 Church St., Augusta, is directingarrangements. 
205 Headstone in Grizzle/Gunter Cemetery (Cannon County, Tenn.) says Rev.Robert Grizzle Grizzle, Robert (I113)
206 Hennessee, Hamilton D CWVQ,CSR,Pension Mortimer
From Warren Co. Enlisted 3/8/63 at Tullahoma Tn. Was wounded twice. Stayed
with two aunts near Dalton Ga. After Franklin went home and had pluresy.
Captured by some of his own regiment that went over to the Yankees. Saysat
Jonesboro Ga. his Company had only 2 officers and 4 privates. Says his
brother, Lt. J.P.A. Hennessee, was wounded at Murfreesboro and Atlanta. At
battle of Jonesboro Ga. was barefoot and had blood blisters on bottom of
feet. There is a Hennessee Cemetery in Warren Co. Pension #13623 filed
7/6/1912 accepted. Living in Cannon Co. Born in Warren Co. in 1845.Wounded
at Chickamauga and Jonesboro Ga. Said he took the Oath in 2/65 after being
threatened, and was in bed sick with pleursey. Had wife and four children.
Wounded in two places in his leg at Chickamauga. H.W. Blanks stated thathe
was wounded between him and his brother. Left service 12/13/64. Stated he
had permission to go home from Capt. York after Franklin to recuperate and
gather recruits. Youngest son of the family. His sister lost her husbandin
the war. "We followed our torn and tattered banner through every battle
which it floated" Widow's pensiom #9600 filed 7/19/1929 accepted. Married
11/14/1878. Her maiden name was Cora Miller, born in Warren Co. in 1857.He
died 3/17/1929 at McMinnville. Had four children. Lived 2.5 milesnortheast
of McMinnville with her son Grover. Her father was J.L. Miller. She died
12/15/1940. A Mrs. Lela Grizzle of Smithville was the administrator of her
will (probably her daughter).

this came from Wiinky - he got it from Loretta Inglis 
207 Hennessee,J.P.A. Pvt.Lt. D CSR,Head
Enlisted 7/31/61. Promoted to 2nd Lt. 5/8/62. Was in hospital in Macon Ga.
in 9/64. Furloughed 10/31/64. From Warren Co. Wounded slightly at
Murfreesboro. Wounded at Atlanta according to another Hennessee.

from Winky via Loretta Inglis 
Hennessee, James Patrick Alexander (I1021)
208 her dad was from WV and her mom was from Ohio according to the 1930 census Mildred, Helen (I1664)
209 her father lived with them in 1900 Quay, Anna B. (I18)
210 His (Henry Worrall's) eldest daughter Caroline set out in 1835 with herhusband and two young children as part of a wagon train heading for Illinois, 2,000 miles away.

Here is part of the text of a letter sent by Henry Worrall of New York
to his brother Benjamin Worrall at Upper House in Ughill, Yorkshire,
England. Henry Worrall was the father of Caroline Worrall Rehorn, and the
account below must be referring to her. The letter was dated 15 April1835.

"One of my sons in law my oldest daughter and two of my grand-children are
about setting out tomorrow to the State of Illinoes a distance of 1500 to
2000 miles in the far off Western Country = and I have heard suchfavourable
accounts of the country that I feel tempted to clear out and start after
them - but I am now too old for such a long journey - but I am confidentit
would be a fine country for our children."
s-Nigel Brassington - Worrall historian


he's living with his son Henry in Tn. in 1870 and his wife is living inNew York City with their daughters 
211 his estate records state that he went to California in the winter of1846, had contact with his brothers for several years, but that theyhadn't heard from him in more than 7 years (in 1858) so they had himdeclared dead Fisher, Joseph R. (I1656)
212 HIs obit

Another old veteran of the Civil War, and one who had a splendid military
record, has answered the last roll call. Mr. Harry Welcomer died at hishome
in this place Friday morning at the age of 82 years, 11 months and 5days.
About eight years ago he had a stroke of paralysis, and had never beenwell
since. Death was due to hardening of the arteries, superinduced by oldage.

Harry Welcomer was a son of Benjamin and Mary Welcomer and was born in
Newville February 19, 1841. While yet a small boy his parents moved to
Pleasant Grove, York County. When the Civil War broke out he enlistedAugust
24, 1861, in Co. E. 87th Reg. P.V. 1. And was with the Army of thePotomac in
many important engagements, including the battles of Winchester, ManassaGap,
Kelly's Ford, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor, Monocacy Junction,and
Petersburg. He was captured at Monocacy Junction and held a prisoner for
three months at Richmond, when he was paroled he rejoined his regiment.He
was promoted to the rank of corporal for gallant and meritorious serviceat
the battle of Petersburg, where he was the first man to go over the top.His
term of service having expired he re-enlisted February 4, 1864, and was
honorably discharged June 29, 1865.

Mr. Welcomer was married to Miss Elizabeth Stout on April 26, 1864.Their
surviving children are Burt Welcomer, Meadville, PA; William W.; Ruth,(Mrs.
Harry Mennig); and Harvey E., of Harrisburg; and Grace, (Mrs. MiltonWilson)
of New Germantown. His first wife having been dead for many years, Mr.
Welcomer married Miss Ada Snyder of New Germantown on January 13, 1892.To
this marriage one daughter survives, Verda (Mrs. Harry Leonard) ofDonnally's
Mills. His second wife is living and was most loving and faithfulhelpmate,
tenderly caring for him in his declining years and was alone with himwhen he
closed his eyes in eternal sleep. She is heartbroken over her loss. One
sister, Mrs. Catherine Nans of Middletown, and two brothers, JosephWelcomer,
of Middletown, and George Welcomer, of Harrisburg are also living.

On the completion of the Perry County Railroad in 1890 Mr. Welcomer whowas
then living in Harrisburg, came here and was the first engineer on theroad.
He held this position for a number of years and then for a time was
superintendent of the road. He finally retired from railroading andbought a
farm in Centre Township, but of late years had been living retired.

He was a member of Perry Lodge No. 458, F. and A.M., and was a man ofhigh
character and sterling world. In 1904 he was the Democratic candidatefor
Associate Judge and ran a good vote.

Funeral services were conducted at his late home yesterday forenoon, Rev.L.
Thomas Fox officiating. Burial was made in the Bloomfield cemetery, the
services at the grave being in charge of the Masonic fraternity, of whichthe
deceased had been a member for over fifty years.


listed as Webornas in 1920 census!!! 
Welcomer, Henry (I7)
213 His reason for leaving NC was that one day when he was plowing he dug upa den of snakes at which time he made the statement that he was going to"leave that part of the Co to the snakes and devil!"

went to White Co Tenn in 1808 or 1809 
Still, Boaz (I1520)
214 History of S ccounty
As before stated Martin Dreibelbis died here (Schuykill Haven) in1799, and was
buried in purposes, where the "old white church" stood, and where
a brick church now stands, just outside of the northeastern
limits of the borough.

Another of the large land owners of this township was Martin
Dreibelbies, whose estate extended from the almshouse property
across both branches of the Schuylkill and included all the
territory as far north as Beck's, and nearly all the West Branch
valley south of that point, amounting in all to over 1,200 acres.
He appears to have been a liberal minded man for that day, and
contributed to the few public objects that engaged the attention
of the sparse settlement. After the opening of the old Sunbury
road, from the ahead of navigation on the Schuylkill to Fort
Augusta on the Susquehanna at Northumberland, in 1770, many
residents of Berks came up from the Blue mountain and found homes
in this valley.


d'biss cousins site http://www.magiclink.com/web/kimrmc/m2-5.htm

M 2-5, Marten B. Dreibelbis, b, 10-15-1751, d, 9-10-1799
m, Catherine H. Merkel, daughter of George and Christina (Hill) Merkel,b, 1753, d, 1822

M 3-30 Rebecca M. Dreibelbis, b, 8-10-1776, d, 3-10-1825, Single.
M 3-31 Mary Magdalena Dreibelbis, b, 4-6-1778, d, 3-4-1841, m, (1) J.Reed (2) A. Snyder.
M 3-32 Jacob M. Dreibelbis, b, 8-22-1782, d, 12-2-1862, m, Anna MargaretMuche.
M 3-33 Catherine M. Dreibelbis, b, 1783, d, m, Michael Moses
M 3-34 George M. Dreibelbis, b, 1784, d, 1809, m, (1) E. Merkel (2) M.Weaver.
M 3-35 Daniel M. Dreibelbis, b, 1785, d, 1849, m, C. Leise
M 3-36 Elizabeth M. Dreibelbis, b, 1790, d, 1828, m, John Hughes
M 3-37 Christina M. Dreibelbis, b, 1795, d, m, Benjamin Potts
Mr. Dreibelbis, like his other brothers and sisters, had lost his fatherwhen a lad of ten years of age and tradition has it that he was raised bythe Merkel Family until he became of age.

In 1775, when but twemty-four years of age, Mr. Dreibelbis and his sisterPhilibena B. Dreibelbis migrated across the "Blue Mountain," to whattoday is known as Manheim Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania,which at that time was part of Berks County, Pennsylvania, and was stilla wilderness inhabited by Indians and wild animals.

It was at this place that Mr. Dreibelbis had bought land that hadbelonged to a man by the name of Fincher, who, with his entire family hadbeen massacred by these wild Indians. This land embraced the wholesection of what is now known as the borough of Schuylkill Haven,Pennsylvania; and it was at this place that Mr. Dreibelbis had settledand had built many thriving enterprises, living in an old mill that hadbeen on the place when he bought it, while he was building for himselfand family the house in which they then made their home for many yearsthat they had lived.

Some of the enterprises that Mr. Dreibelbis had founded and built in andaround Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania, were three or four large sawmills;two grist mills,; a distillery; a tannery; a general store for which hehad a hired a man by the name of Audenreid to operate it and take care ofthe clerical end of the business; also a blacksmith shop or forge; coalbreakers and many other necessary buildings; such as dwellings for hisworkmen, churches and schoolhouses for the community, etc; all of whichhad been used by the many folks that had been in the employ of Mr.Dreibelbis as well as those who had been associated with him in thevarious businesses that he had been involved in during his lifetime.

It was while building what was at that time considered a mansion home,which he was building for himself and his family, that he contracted asevere cold that later caused his death in the year of 1799.

Mr. Dreibelbis was a man of indomitable will and courage, vision andintellect, and is credited as having been the first real settler inSchuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania; settling on the east bank of theSchuylkill River at that place where he had built most of his substantialstone buildings, buildings that had proven very convenient in warding offsome of those early Indian incursions, as they had offered good places ofrefuge for the earlt settlers of the neighborhood against the murderousred man.

In the year of 1796 Mr. Dreibelbis secured from the state of Pennsylvaniathe right to dam the West Branch of the Schuylkill River for powerpurposes, and this project therefore had been the first power project ofits kind in the neighborhood or for that matter in any other section ofthe colonies, especially throughout the eastern section of the State ofPennsylvania. 
215 honeymoon baby HENNESSEE, LELA BERNICE (I96)
216 I have a picture of a headstone of Elizabeth Quay, mother, 7/12/1810 -12/12/1894 - closest match, esp. since it's in the same graveyard as anyShoffners Shoffner, Elizabeth (I2189)
217 ID as brother of Sylvester in 1880 census- age 25 - sailor Wheeler, David (I1201)
218 in 1870 Susan is living with her maternal grandfather Jacob Welcomer -sister Alice is living with Aunt Sarah (Weigle) Lebenknecht, Leander'syounger sister

most likely? to be William, as they are living in York in 1900 and saysshe was born in July of 1865, perfectly where it should be 
Weigle, Alice J. (I916)
219 in 1870 Susan is living with her maternal grandfather Jacob Welcomer -sister Alice is living with Aunt Sarah (Weigle) Lebenknecht, Leander'syounger sister Weigle, Susan (I915)
220 in 1870 there is a Frances M. listed as a son 4 yrs old and William 11

in 1880 there is only Frances 13 listed as daughter - and William 21

nothing for Frank, Francis, Frances after that that I can find. Maybeonly one person, was female and was married between 1880-1900 
Jenkins, Frances (I1193)
221 in 1870 there is a Frances M. listed as a son 4 yrs old and William 11

in 1880 there is only Frances 13 listed as daughter - and William 21

nothing for Frank, Francis, Frances after that that I can find. Maybeonly one person, was female and was married between 1880-1900 
Jenkins, Frank M. (I1141)
222 in 1900 Ada stated on census that she had 3 children but only 1 living,which was Emma Verda at the time Welcomer, Charles (I29)
223 in 1900 Ada stated on census that she had 3 children but only 1 living,which was Emma Verda at the time Welcomer, Robert (I30)
224 in 1900 she has 8 kids and 7 are living. Living are Adam, George, ThomasBelva
in 1910 she has 12 (!) kids but still only 7 are living

from Illinois death index
Last Name First Name Middle Name Sex/Race Age Cert #Death Date County City Date Filed
WELCOME SUSAN F/W UNK0026392 1916-11-28 MCHENRY DORR TWP 16-11-29 
Henry, Susan (I1396)
225 in 1910 she was listed as having had 7 children- 4 living Ritter, Laura J. (I26)
226 in the presence of Charles H. Fogg and Margaret A. Fogg - signed OliverStoddard

also listed somewhere else as married in Waldo, Me 
Family F96
227 Interesting - her obituary says she was born near Aughenbaugh's schoolhouse Conley, Mary P. (I928)
228 INteresting that Rev. Richard was born and baptised in Hornby in 1827, parents Richard and Margaret, but he seems to be the only child. At that same time in Hornby, a James Thistlethwaite, wife Elizabeth had Hannah, Adam. Ellen, Ann, Elizabeth, John, Mary, James. Possibly related?

Also, a Betty Thistlethwaite is married just a year earlier than Richard’s father in the same parish



Worked for "Church of the Holy Trinity" - Preston, Lancashire, England -[Tombstone] says Priest
[Balance Sheet] says "Holy Trinity Church"

Quotes from [Balance Sheet] to distribute his last effects:

"Amount of Policy Assurance in the Clergy Mutual Assurance Society No.13304"
"Amount of Policy Assurance in the London Assurance Society and BonusesNo. 6620"
I think there was also income from his marriage settlement.

Will also mentions "Bishop Fraser's superannuation fund"

[Balance Sheet] mentions T.R. Toms fee for tuning the piano - a musician?



1859 - William B's birth cert.
Vicarage at Farnworth as place of birth so perhaps they resided therewith in-laws

1860- Catherine's birth certificate
Queen St., Lytham, Fylde

1864 Margaret's birth certificate
Queen St., Lytham, Fylde

1866 - Richard Thomas Thistlethwaite's birth cert.
Common Bispham, Poulton-le-Fylde

1876 - Slater's City Directory
37 Fishgate Hill

1884 - Catherine's marriage certificate
1890 - Slater's
14 Winckley Sq.
Preston (Vicarage)


picture of RTW's grave was made by a photographer from Wiveliscombe, hisdeath certificate says he died in Wellington, and I think he is buried atSt. Michael's in Milverton, from an online burial index I found. Theseare all villages in Somerset very close to one another. 
229 Isaac and Phebe were married at the Goshen Meeting. Isaac was listed as a landowner in Willistown in 1774. In 1784, he was listed on the "Roll of Honor" of the "Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, the Relief of Free Negroes Unlawfully Held in Bondage, and for Improving the Condition of the African Race".


Will of Isaac Massey. Willistown
2/5/1792 (written?) 2/11/1792 (executed?)
To son Daniel - Plantation whereon I now live - he paying to my gr(and)dau(ghter) Massey Gibbons 40 and 21 (pounds?) and 30 to my dau Sidney -Also stock. To son George the plantation I lately bought of Jacob Hoofman- he paying 8 per year to my dau Sidney - except she be left a widow when my ex is to pay her 130 within a year after the death of her husband Wm.Baldwin. 20 towards rebuilding Willistown Meeting House. To Rachel Massey, dau of Jacob Vogdes 3 and 3 to Mary dau of Caleb Hibbard To my nephew Isaac Massey my watch. Land in Northumberland Co. to 3 chil. Son George Ex(ecutor?)

Jacob Vogdes - Levi Massey wit(nesses)

230 James E.
Jones E? on the 1850 census 
Quay, Jones Elwood (I2038)
231 John Isaac and his family came to America about 1750. They landed atA
nnanapolis, Maryland and then moved to North Carolina. 
232 JOHN MASSEY Request Information (SS-5)
SSN 221-03-1348 Residence:
Born 16 Jul 1910 Last Benefit:
Died Oct 1965 Issued: DE (Before 1951)

Still single at 29 in 1940 living w/ folks 
Massey, John Parker (I820)
233 judge in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Quay, Seth (I1799)
234 Karen Festi (Quaynt@aol.com) told me that these folks are buried hereaccording to their records Quay, Thomas Singleton (I2387)
235 KERNER, Louis A. Death date: 6/26/1922, Butler County, Ohio Volume#3893, Certificate #31872 Kerner, Louis A. (I1730)
236 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1123)
237 known as Maggie in her dads obit Rupert, Mary (I445)
238 known as Mary Anna Rupert at death
listed in 1870 as 28 years old, but she was widowed and about to marryAdam, so she may have knocked off a few years...

unnamed newspaper, 9-9-1925 handwritten on obit
Mrs . Adam Rupert
Mrs . Mary Anna Rupert , wife of Adam RUPERT , died yesterday at 9 a .m .at her residence 1428 West Stanton street , West York , after a longillness due to a complication of diseases . She was aged 83 years .Survivors are her husband and the following sons
Jacob WELCOMER , Manheim , Lancaster county
George and Henry WELCOMER , West York
and one daughter , Mrs . Oliver MAY , York .
Also two sisters , Mrs . Anna FISHEL , Mechanicsburg , and Mrs . LeahSHEFFER , Red Lion .
She is also survived by 20 grandchildren and 40 great-grandchildren.Funeral services will be conducted at her late residence by Rev . E . T .RHODES , pastor of St . Stephens Reformed church , on Friday , September11 , at 2 p .m . Interment will be made in Greenmount cemetery .
p 6


birth listed as Oct. 1841 in the 1900 census - ? 
239 known as Reed McIntyre, Walter Reed (I1121)
240 L. for Levi? Poor, Sylvester Levi (I193)
241 LAMMY, EDWARD. Brandywine.
August 17, 1813. September 27, 1813.
To wife Abigail all estate, real & personal, during life. After her
December all est. to be sold and divided as follows:

To gr.dau. Mary Quay $50.

To gr.dau. Abigail Quay $100.

To gr.son Hugh Quay $50.

To Fanny, dau. of Rees Lammy $50.

Rem. in 6 equal shares:

To dau. Mary Quay one share, to be paid her as she stands in need of it.
To Andrew Lammey 1/2 shares.
To Rees Lammy 1 share.
To Abigail Lammy 1 1/2 shares.
To Edward Lammy 1 share.

Executors: Wm. Williams, and Matthew Stanley.
Wits: Jas. McFarland, Joseph Hoopes, Wm. Entrekin.


found on Chester County board:

According to a typescript I have of a newspaper article dated Sept. 4,1968 the Lammeys who had the reunions were descendants of Edward andAbigail Lammey. They had Sarah Oct. 15, 1776 who married Hugu Quay;Andrew who died without issue; Rees 1682 (1782?)who married Mary________; and Edward who married Lydia Black. Rees had at least two sonsJoseph and Edward who married Batten sisters. etc. etc. 
Quay, Hugh (I2360)
242 LANCASTER COUNTY ORPHAN's COURT RECORDS Volume 1822-1825 Page 384 17
November 1824 EDWARD Hilton dec'd, On the petition of Jacob Gibbel &
Michael Ritter, Administrators of Edward Hilton late of Warwick Township
dec'd (Cooper) who died intestate, "Setting forth" That the said
intestate left issue five children, to wit, Elizabeth, now wife of
Jacob Butler, Barbara, the wife of Jacob Gobbel one of the
petitioners, David, Maria & Catharin, the two last named of whom are
yet in their minority, Feronica [sic] who had been married with Isaac
Kaufman, but is now dec'd, another daughter of said intestate. That
the personal estate of the said intestate is insufficient for the
payment of his debts as by the account answered to the petition
appears. And that the said intestate died seized in his demesne as of
Fee of + in a certain messuage or small house & ten acres of land with
the appurtenances, for the payment of the debts and maintenance &
education of the minor children of the said intestate. To the truth
of the facts above stated said, Administrators were duly affirmed. It
is Ordered by the Court that the Administrators aforesaid do on
Tuesday the 14th day of december next expose said Real Estate to Sale
by public vendue or outcry, on the Premises. Terms Cash on the 1st
day of April 1825. That due & legal notice be given ot the time &
place of said sale, + that report of said proceedings be made to this
Court on the 3d Monday oin December next (20th).
Page 810 December 1824 21st EDWARD Hilton dec'd, Order of sale
continued to the Orphan's Court in March 1825.
VOLUME 1825-1828 Page 39 August 1825 EDWARD Hilton dec'd. Order of
sale continued to next Orphans Court.
Page 55 19 September 1825 EDWARD Hilton dec'd; Pursuant to an Order
of this Court of the 17th day of November 1824 & the several
continuences therof Directing Jacob Gibbel & Michael Ritter,
Administrators of Edward Hilton late of Warwick township dec'd to
expose to public sale the Real Estate of said dec'd, considering of +
in a certain messuage of Small House + tract of Gravel land containing
about ten acres of land more or less with the appurtenances, situall
in Warwick Township aforesaid on Saturday the 10th day of September
1825 at 2 O'clock P.M. on the Premises, Terms Cash -- "Said
Administrators now report", that they did in pursuance of the said
Order of Court expose the lands + premises therein mentioned to Sale
by public venue on the premises in the Township of Warwick on Saturday
the 10th inst. having been given due public & timely notice of the
time & place of said sale agreeable to the directions there of , +
sold the same to David Eicholtz of & for the sum of Five hundred &
thirty one dollars lawful money, he being the highest & best bidder +
that the highest + best price bidden for the same, Which reports being
reached. The Courts confirmed the Sale + the premises sold to the
said David Eicholtz his heirs + assigns forever in fee as fully as the
said intestate had + held in the same immediately before + at the time
of his death Subject liable to the payment of purchase money agreeable
to the terms. prescribed by the Court in their said Order of Sale.
Jacob Gibbel Tent in $1062.00 | to the Common.th of Penn
Michael Retter Tent in $1062.00 > For use of all persons
interested Abraham Gibbel Tent in $1062.00 | In the estate of
the said dec'd
page 181 26 June 1826 EDWARD Hilton dec'd. Jacob Gibbel + Michael
Ritter Administrators of Edward Hilton Late of Warwick Township dec'd,
Having stated + filed in the Registers Office, at Lancaster, the
Administration Account on the estate of the said dec'd + legal notices
thereto having been given by the said Register, the same in now
produced to the Court for confirmation whereby it appears, that the
said account was duly passed by the said Register + that ther remains
in the hands of the said Acct a balance of $157.13 1/2 The court, on
due examination thereof advisement had thereon, approve of + confirm
the same, and direct that balance to be paid + distributed agreeably
to law. 
243 Last Name possibly Arnett - in 1860 a James Arnett, age 26, an MD born inKentucky lived with George and Susan in Cannon County, Tn. James waspossibly a nephew of Susan's

Not Susan -
found at:http://data.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=gedind&ti=0&f2=13901&f3=3796
Sarah Campbell F 1802
KY 24 JUN 1874
Cannon County, Tennessee William Campbell, Suzana Unknown George Grizzle 
244 last name possibly Massey ISABEL (I141)
245 Last name possibly Sheppard ELAM, ELIZABETH (I143)
246 Linda Lee Balut
46 Island Pond Road
Atkinson, New Hampshire 03811-2128
United States
Fax: 6033628366

I am researching the FETHEROLF family, which descended from Johanna PeterFEDEROLF, Sr. and Anna Marie ROTHERMEL. They sailed from Germany toAmerican on THE THISTLE in 1730 and settled in Berks County,Pennsylvania. My paternal grandparents are Grover Cleveland FETHEROLF(1883-1962), the son of Daniel FETHEROLF and Mary THOMPSON, and AnnaIdell REEVES (1888-1983). They lived in Ohio and Illinois. I would loveto hear from anyone in the family tree. Some of the surnames in thefamily tree are BEERY, FEDEROLF, FETHEROLF, FINK, ILES, LESHER, REEVES,ROTHERMEL, SCHMIDT/SEITZ and THOMPSON.


Rothermel, Anna Maria (I329)
247 Linda Milne-Tyte says 1876 Moore, Nina (I1062)
248 listed as 40 in 1870 1830
listed as 82 in 1900 1828
listed as 25 in 1860 1835 
King, Elmira V. (I2025)
249 listed as a veteran of WW I in 1930 census

in the commercial lumber business


probably him listed in the WW I draft board registration lists - bornMarch 7, 1896 in
coal miner for the Faith Coal Mine company
short, black hair and eyes,
Lemont Furnace, Pa. is in Fayette County in the southwest corner of thestate


Why did I think that this was her Wm. Crawford - lots of Wm Crawfords inWW1 - this one's middle initial doesn't match?

1930 census lists Martha Q. Crawford as 6 years old living with hermother Miriam W. (they say H) and her father William D. - looks like a Dto me, they say it's William S. - I looked at a lot of the other names ona few pages and feel pretty confident

he's 36 (DOB late 1893 early 1894 ish) his doesn't with this guy
she's 27 (DOB 1903ish) her's works


found in 1900 census in Fayette County under WILLIAN (sic) Crawford


OK - His daughter's death certificate lists him as William DouglasCrawford with a birth state of NY - that should settle it. 
Crawford, William Douglas (I1441)
250 listed as Alice in one of the birthday announcements I saw - wrong, Ithink Poley, Olive F. (I1888)

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