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 1802 - 1870

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  • Birth  28 Nov 1802  New Castle County, Del. Find all individuals with events at this location  [2, 3, 4, 5
    Gender  Female 
    Religion  Quaker  [2
    Died  Dec 1870  Potter County, Pa. Find all individuals with events at this location  [2
    Buried  Dec 1870  Lafayette Cemetery, 10th & Wharton, Philadelphia, Pa. Find all individuals with events at this location  [2
    Person ID  I284  Welcomer and Poor Relatives
    Last Modified  05 Apr 2011 02:12:25 
    Father  THOMAS BEESON, b. 10 Jul 1767 
    Mother  KEZIA BABB, b. 12 Jan 1770 
    Family ID  F391  Group Sheet
    Family  JACOB JENKINS, b. Abt 1805, Pennsylvania  
    Married  Between May 1825 and Jan 1826 
    >1. OSCAR DOUGLAS JENKINS, b. 28 Nov 1826, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    >2. Thomas B. Jenkins, b. 8 Dec 1831, Philadelphia, Pa.
     3. William B. Jenkins, b. 23 Jun 1837, Philadelphia, Pa.
     4. Francis M. Jenkins, b. 2 Apr 1845, Philadelphia, Pa.
    Family ID  F115  Group Sheet
  • Photos Ann Beeson Jenkins, wife of Oscar Douglas Jenkins in Quaker garb.Ann Beeson Jenkins, wife of Oscar Douglas Jenkins in Quaker garb.
     ABJ cropped2
  • Notes 
    • Mom has a picture of her in full Quaker garb [mom]

      possibly removed to :(removed to Evergreen Memorial Park, Bensalem Twp.PA)

      possibly Rosedale Memorial Park
      Oakford, Pa.


      Lafayette Cemetery was on Federal St between 9th and 10th Sts. The graves
      were removed to Evergreen Memorial Park in Bensalem Twp, which was
      established in 1930 so the graves had to be removed after that. Evergreenis
      now called Rosedale Memorial Park.

      Call 215-677-0307 for information.


      Thank you for the check which I received today.
      Good luck on your research.

      Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 13:27:13 -0400
      To: "Paul Welcomer"
      From: Tom Doherty
      Subject: Re: Beesons in Delaware

      There are Jenkins families in the 1800 and 1810 census of Kent Co., butnot in New Castle Co (save Appoquinimink in 1810) according to the bookindeces. Sometimes amazon.com indeces are better. The Beeson familieswere generally in northern New Castle Co. Of course, those who were headof a household may have had more reason to stay in Delaware, while thoseonly appearing on a tax list were more likely to leave to seek a betterlife in the big city.

      At 09:57 AM 7/26/02 -0700, you wrote:
      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the correction. I do have a Pennsylvania birth for OscarDouglas JENKINS in all census records (1850-80) and his granddaughter's1926 application for membership into the DAR was where I got hisPhiladelphia birth place and exact date. She might have been working frompersonal knowledge since this was something for which she didn't give asource. Oscar Douglas JENKINS' 1880 census record gives the birth placeof both his parents in Delaware, that's why I started looking there.

      If you learn of Ann's birth date, parents, and/or marriage information orjust the name of the Jenkins guy, I would like to know.

      I certainly will let you know. I'm on a roll now, hopefully it won't belong.

      Good luck with all your work.


      ----- Original Message -----
      From: Tom Doherty
      To: Paul Welcomer
      Sent: Friday, July 26, 2002 3:40 AM
      Subject: Re: Beesons in Delaware

      Thanks, Paul.
      I made a mistake. I was just trying to repeat what you had said which wasthat Ann and _____ Jenkins' son was born in Philadelphia, but I suspectthat you don't have original record proof of that, otherwise you wouldknow the parents. I would look in Philadelphia Friends Meeting recordsfirst. You'll need to check with the Friends Historical Library to findout how many Meetings were in Philadelphia or Chester or Delawarecounties and possibly check them all. From Humphry's "PennsylvaniaBirths [to] ... 1800" series, there are no Beesons born Chester orDelaware counties before 1800.

      "Delaware Families 1787-1800" will be announced on the DGS web page, butit won't be published this year, hopefully, but not certain in 2003. Myaccepting the editorship of the next two issues of our Journal hasdelayed publication.

      If you learn of Ann's birth date, parents, and/or marriage information orjust the name of the Jenkins guy, I would like to know.

      By the way, if some source written a long ways away from Philadelphiasaid that Oscar Douglas JENKINS was born in "Philadelphia" in 1826, hecould really have been born just somewhere near Philadelphia, evenDelaware or New Jersey. I suspect you at least have some confirmation itwas PA from census records.

      Unless your picture is of the key person in the bio Ann Beesons'sgrandfather, we cannot use the picture.

      At 12:07 AM 7/26/02 -0700, you wrote:
      Thanks so much Tom. I'll put your check in the mail tomorrow. You've madethings very clear for me, which is no small task. I will definitely takeyour suggestion and look in Chester Co. Pennsylvania Friends Meetingrecords for Ann and _____ Jenkins' marriage since you say their son wasborn there.

      I appreciate the information you've given me, as well as the liberalsprinkling of clues and leads. I'll look forward to using your finishedreference work. Will there be an announcement on the DelawareGenealogical Society web page when it's finished? I'll check back in themonths to come and see.

      If you do happen to run across any information about this particularline, feel free to let me know and we can work out another financialarrangement. I'm happy to support research of this quality. It's vital topeople like me who are trying to find people who lived 3000 miles away!

      Also, if I am successful (or if you run across documentation) in relatingmy Jenkins line with this Beeson line, would the publishers of thishistory have any interest in a copy of the picture I have? It was takenby the Chas. Naylor Photograph Rooms, 504 S. Second St.. Since I thinkthis is in Philadelphia I plan to check the city directories to see whenthis business was at this address to find an approximate date. I'd behappy to share it if they are.

      Well, I've taken enough of your time. Take care and thanks again!


      ----- Original Message -----
      From: Tom Doherty
      To: Paul Welcomer
      Sent: Thursday, July 25, 2002 6:41 PM
      Subject: Re: Beesons in Delaware

      Yes, the address is correct.

      Note that Thomas died intestate so there was no will. The distributionaccount naming "Ann Beeson" was dated 17 Dec 1830.

      Thomas was disowned 181?(Standing didn't supply exact date), so, yes, Annwould have been born before her Dad was disowned. Standing reports abirth date for Maria (18 Nov 1794), but not for the next child Ann, sothe birth is highly unlikely to be in the Wilmiongton meeting records asStanding was quite thorough. The family was of Brandywine Hundred indelaware for the 1800 census. There is a "Genealogy of the Beeson -Beason Family which he cites as a reference. It is not on the web listof references for HSD at http://www.hsd.org/Library_FamilyHistory.htm#B

      The Jenkins reference does not seem to come from Standing (I justchecked). To find the source would take a search through my othersources or a more thorough search of Thomas Beeson's probate papers whichI'll have to do before we publish. This write-up was done when thestandards were not quite as high as they are today, so each of the olderwrite-ups has to be checked over before we publish.

      There is a Babb genealogy which may be a source (seehttp://www.hsd.org/Library_FamilyHistory.htm#B)

      I would suggest looking at some Chester County PA Friends Meetiningrecords for a marriage record of Ann Beeson to a Jenkins, since that'swhere their son was born.

      At 12:55 AM 7/25/02 -0700, you wrote:
      Hi Tom,
      I'd like to send you a check for $35.00 for an hour of your time to theaddress from your web page:
      3321 N. Rockfield Drive, Devonshire, Wilmington DE 19810-3238
      Is this current? I'm hoping that this will cover a couple clarificationsof the material you sent me as well, since I don't know much about thesubject or the sources yet.
      You wrote:
      Since Thomas Beeson died intestate, there is not a will; but I justlooked up the distribution account and Ann Beeson, not Ann Jenkins, ismentioned. Thus, there's a good chance that Standing is wrong and thatyour Ann is from a different family.
      You say that since Ann Beeson is the person mentioned in her father'swill (not Ann Jenkins) that Standing may be wrong. Do you say thisbecause there would be such a short time between the distribution of theestate and her subsequent marriage to _____ Jenkins? I know there wouldonly have been about 9 months to get married and another 9 to have herson (May 1825 father's death - Nov 1826 son's birth), but to me thisdoesn't automatically disqualify the possibility. Are there things I'mnot considering?
      You also wrote:
      Since Thomas was disowned from the Quakers, there most likely is not abirth record for Ann. She may have become a Quaker later after shemarried Jenkins.
      Since the citation says about Thomas that: "he dis 8 2m 181? for usingabusive..." (I assume that means bet. 1810-1819) then wouldn't he havebeen a member of a meeting in c1800, around the time of Ann's birth? So Iwonder if there is in fact a birth record for her - but maybe theyexpunge family records of those disowned by the church?
      Thanks for your help!
      Paul Welcomer
      PS - Thanks for the links to the Quaker abbreviations and the tip aboutSwarthmore - they're great (and now bookmarked).
      ----- Original Message -----
      From: Tom Doherty
      To: Paul Welcomer
      Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2002 1:51 PM
      Subject: Re: Beesons in Delaware

      Yes, I am a professional charging $35/hr.

      This is not my family, but somethng I prepared for a client to be used inteh Delaware families Project. A final draft of this write-up willappear in a book to be published. the final draft will correct anyerrors from earlier drafts.

      Many of the abbreviations appear on http://delgensoc.org/dfabbre.html andreferences on http://delgensoc.org/dfref.html.

      Since Ann's information is not referenced, it comes from the source"StandingW 22" mentioned just after "(children)" This source isdescribed as such:
      StandingW: Herbert C. Standing, comp., Delaware Quaker Records: EarlyMembers of Wilmington Meeting (May 1980), bound book of manuscripts, 388p, alphabetized by surname, at Swarthmore; original typescript by authoris mostly abstracts of vital records from Friends Meeting minutes1735-1827 with about an equal amount of additional informationhandwritten later in the book by the author [Standing~] (last entriesabout 1991; author res in Pittsburgh 2001) from a larger time period,including certificates of transfer between Meetings and abouthalf-documented information from published genealogies, handwritten onthe pages. [author calls this v.2; StandingN, v.1]

      Since Thomas Beeson died intestate, there is not a will; but I justlooked up the distribution account and Ann Beeson, not Ann Jenkins, ismentioned. Thus, there's a good chance that Standing is wrong and thatyour Ann is from a different family. Since Thomas was disowned from theQuakers, there most likely is not a birth record for Ann. She may havebecome a Quaker later after she married Jenkins. Quaker research can bedone at Swarthmore College's friends Historical Library.

      If you wish to send a small check for my time, I'll accept it.

      If you wish further work, please let me know. While I have a seven monthbacklog for new research problems, I can supply answers for material Ihave here at home (e.g. the Delaware Beeson probate files) much morequickly.

      At 12:08 PM 7/24/02 -0700, you wrote:
      Hi Tom,
      Thank you so much for your swift reply. I have to tell you that after Iwrote you I saw other links that indicated that you are a professionalgenealogist, and I don't want to take advantage of your time if this iswhat you do for a living. I am used to corresponding with other hobbyistslike myself and assumed you were one too!
      So I saw your home page and saw also that you charge a $350.00 retainerto start research. I don't think I can go that route, but is it possibleto set up something where I can pay you for information you already have?In going over what you sent me I have a few questions that you may beable to answer without more research. If this is a way you'd rather notwork, please know that I understand completely and I still appreciateimmensely the clues you've given me.
      I'll just write the questions and you can tell me how much you'd chargeto answer them if you'd like.
      1) I see that Thomas' b 10 7m 1767 estate went in part to Ann BEESON whenhe died on 8 May 1825. Do you know if she was named specifically as AnnBEESON in that will, and if her residence was mentioned? If so, thatwould give me a very narrow time frame (and place) to search for hermarriage to ? Jenkins (I do not know his first name), as her son OscarDouglas JENKINS was born on 28 Nov 1826 in Philadelphia.
      2) I don't understand many of the sources, but I assume they are Quakerabbreviations that I can look up on the web myself - I won't trouble youwith that. But the entry for v. Ann m ______ JENKINS; is unsourced,I think. Do you know where that bit of information might have come fromand where I could look to find it myself?
      Thanks again for your help, Tom. However you want to proceed is fine withme.
      Paul Welcomer
      ----- Original Message -----
      From: Tom Doherty
      To: Paul Welcomer
      Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2002 10:57 AM
      Subject: Re: Beesons in Delaware

      I have an Ann who married a Jenkins as daughter of Thomas and Kesia(BABB) BEESON in the writeup below. Do you know Jenkins first name orAnn's approximate year of birth? What other children did they have?There is not enough information yet to link Ann to Thomas with assurance.

      From a Delaware Families 1787-1800 write-up dated 15 November 1999:

      Thomas Beeson NC Brandywine 1787 £60, 1788 £50, 1789 £35, 1790 £45

      THOMAS BEESON, farmer, son of John and Alice (MARTIN) BEESON, was born16d 6m 1735 [StandingW 22], died 22 Mar 1790 mmWilm [EarlyChurchNC 125].He married Rebekah KELLAM 22 Apr 1756 [Burr 702; StandingW 22]; cert tommWilmington from mmConcord 5 2m 1759; on 16 9m 1772, 6 children ofThomas (Parthena, David, Jonathan, Alice, Thomas, John) were receivedinto membership of mmWilmington; Thomas' 13 2m 1787 will [ProbNC inCalenNC 120] names his "wife" and sons David ("the farm where hedwells"), Jonathan, Thomas and daughters Parthena, Alice and Rebeccah.His will was proved 12 Apr 1790. brother to Edward and John [ProbNCEdward Beeson] [sig]
      Parents: John BEESON, son of Edward [DeedsNC B2:171] and Esther/Hester(HALL) BEESON [StandingNC 71], was born 25d 1m 1710 and died 12d 2m1764. He married Alice MARTIN, daughter of Thomas and Mary (KNIGHT)MARTIN, 13d 10m 1732 [mmChester (mMiddletown); mmConcord 4d 9m 1732 gaveclearance in StandingNC 7], she was born 1708 and died 18d 10m 1759 age50y 6m 14d; they were disowned from Concord Friends Meeting 1d 4m 1741[mmConcord]; he married 2nd Mary CLAYTON? widow of ______ CARTER 4d 3m1762 Old Swedes [StandingNC 7]

      REBEKAH KELLAM, dau of William and Mary (______) KELLAM, was born 24d 1m1731 [StandingW 22] and died 2d 5m 1821 [StandingW 22]. Her 1 Nov 1813will, she of Wilmington, names sons Thomas and Jonathan and daughtersParthena, wife of John VANDEVER Sr, Alice, wife of John VANDEVER Jr, andRebecca, wife of John ELLIOTT (named executor), and their six sons. [sig]
      Parents: William KELLAM, of unk ancestry was born c1692 and died 28 Jun1746 [ChurchDelCo 2:300]. He married Mary REYNOLDS 23 Aug 1720 [Burr259]. She was born c1694 and died intestate 28 Jun 1746 [ChurchDelCo2:300]. Both were buried in Middletown Graveyard in what is now DelawareCounty [Middletown Sexton's Journal in ChurchDelCo 2:300]. His childrenare documented in deeds [DeedsNC Q1:307,308].

      Children (BEESON) [b StandingW 22]:
      1. Parthena b 12 2m 1757, bp 6 Nov 1757 [Burr 585], m John VANDEVERSr 10 Jan 1778 [Old Swedes], she dis mm 15 7m 1778 ; of Brandywine [CenNC1800:139 (0-1-1-0-1; 1-1-1-1-0; 0-4)]; children (VANDEVER): i. John b 2Mar 1788, bp 10 Mar 1788 Old Swedes [Burr 662].
      2. Lydia b 14 11m 1758, d 25 11m 1758 [Standing 22].
      3. David# b 16 12m 1759, d Jan 1792, m Margaret VANDEVER [See theirentry].
      4. Jonathan b 18 7m 1762, d 12 12m 1813 [StandingW 22], m ElizabethSHIPLEY, dau of Samuel SHIPLEY, 19/18 Dec 1793 Old Swedes [Burr 766;StandingW 22], she d 10 Feb 1823 [Standing 22]; he dis mm 12 2m 1795[StandingW 22]; with bro Thomas bought land on Cherry Island, Brandywineon9 Sep 1790 [DeedsNC T2:274]; of Brandywine [CenNC 1800:139 (0-1-0-1-0;1-0-2-0-1; 2-0)]; children (BEESON): i. Thomas S. m Elizabeth SMITH 8Mar 1821 [StandingW 22]; ii. Jane m Abraham V. MATSON [ProbNC JonathanBeeson].
      5. Alice b 3 2m 1765, m John VANDEVER Jr 31 Dec 1782 [Old Swedes];of Brandywine [CenNC 1800:141 (2-2-0-1-0; 2-2-0-1-0; 1-0)]; children(VANDEVER): i.
      6. Thomas b 10 7m 1767, d intestate 8 5m 1825 [Standing 22; ProbNCinv 19 May 1825], m Kezia BABB, dau of Thomas and Sarah (BISHOP) BABB[StandingW 22; DGSJ 1:15], she b 12 1m 1770, d 3 8m 1824, bur NewarkUnion[DGSJ 1:15]; he dis 8 2m 181? for using abusive language to his brother[StandingW 22]; of Brandywine [CenNC 1800:139 2-2-1-2-0; 3-0-0-1-0; 2-0];estate to Thomas, Joseph, Maria, Rebecca and Ann BEESON, and JosephHARPER; children (BEESON) [StandingW 22]: i. Thomas d btw 6 Apr 1863[will] and 11 Apr 1868 [ProbNC:na sis iii-vi]; ii Joseph b 18 4m 1797, d19 Aug 1832 [ProbNC], bur NewarkUnion [DGSJ 1:15], m Susannah GibsonSMITH 30 9m 1818, she b 12 Dec 1798, d 12 Oct 1872, bur NewarkUnion [DGSJ1:15] ; iii. Sarah b 13 9m 1792, d 12m 1870, m Joseph HARPER; iv. Maria b18 11m 1794, d (as a Beeson) 21 Feb 1864, bur NewarkUnion [DGSJ 1:15], m______ DOWDEN, m2 ______ BEESON; v. Ann m ______ JENKINS; vi. Rebecca m______ YEARSLEY; vii. Levina, poss d 8 Mar 1814, bur NewarkUnion [DGSJ1:15]
      7. John b 2 or 22 3m 1770, d 9 3m 1775 [StandingW 21].
      8. Rebecca b 1774, d 1836, bur OldSwedes [CR L:749(j-5)], m JohnELLIOTT, he b 1776 ENG, d 1849 [OldSwedes L:748(j-5)] poss son of MarkELLIOTT [Adler], dis 14 3m 1792 [Standing 22]; of Wilmington [CenNC1800:158 (4-1-2-1-0; 0-1-0-1-1; 0-1)]; children (ELLIOTT)[all minors 1Nov 1813]: i. William b 6 Nov 1794, bp 25 Jan 1796 OldSwedes [CR 675];ii.Thomas b 15 Oct 1796, bp 16 May 1799 OldSwedes [CR 683]; iii. John b16 Aug 1798, bp 16 May 1799 OldSwedes [CR 683]; iv. Lewis; v. Edward; vi.James.

      At 08:59 AM 7/24/02 -0700, you wrote:
      Hello Tom,
      I saw your email address on the list of submitters to the DelawareFamilies project and hope you don't mind me contacting you. I amdescended from an Ann Beeson who I have just discovered was born inDelaware. What I know about her is that she married a man named Jenkinsand had a son Oscar Douglas JENKINS in Philadelphia in 1826. I have aphotograph of Ann in much later years in what looks like Quaker garb.
      I see in your submission a David, Thomas and Rebecca Beeson, all of whommight have been of the right age to have been one of Ann's parentsbetween perhaps 1788-1808. I'm hoping you know something about my Ann andwould be willing to share information. I'd certainly be happy to tell youwhat I know of this line if it connects to yours. Thanks for your time.
      Paul Welcomer


      from a post on Genforum:
  • Sources 
    1. [S101] Margaret Welcomer - verbal to Paul Welcomer, Margaret Welcomer, Verbal to Paul Welcomer. Photo of Ann in Quaker hat & dress

    2. [S225] Walter Reed Jenkins Gnealogy

    3. [S329] Census - 1860 - Pennsylvania - Potter - Eulalia

    4. [S195] Census - 1850 - Pennsylvania - Potter - Eulalia

    5. [S314] Census - 1870 - Pennsylvania - Potter - Eulalia

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